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Financial “How to . . . . .” Series

The Financial “How to . . . . .” series was a four part series that focused on step by step procedures on how to get financially healthy.  The four parts were starting a budget, getting out of debt, building an emergency fund, and start investing for retirement.  Below is a link to each part.  I hope you find these helpful guides to get you started.  Any feedback is appreciated.

Part I   01/09/10-How to start a Budget

Special Follow-up to Part I-01/14/10-Updating our own Budget

Part II  01/16/10-How to get out of Debt

Part III 01/23/10-How to start and maintain an Emergency Fund

Part IV 01/31/10-How to start investing for Retirement

Special 11/09/09-How to sell your car when it is underwater


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