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Just a few little short tidbits about me.  I am a twenty-something newly wed living in the Buckeye state.  I graduated from THE Ohio State University in the spring of 2004 with a bachelor’s in accounting.  Since then I’ve been tracking how much money I earn, save, and spend with spreadsheets.  I have spreadsheets for pretty much everything financial in my life including our budget, analyzing the mortgage, and projections for retirement.  My wife jokes whenever we need to make a decision that I should “make a spreadsheet for it”, hence the name of this blog.  This blog focuses on a variety of financial things including our monthly budget, monthly net worth updates, investing updates, book reviews, opinions on financial news, and anything else that the spreadsheet can produce.

In addition to the blog I am also a frequent contributor to Cash Commons one of the best Financial FAQ’s on the Internet.

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