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June 1, 2010

May ’10 Net Worth Update (-2.44%)

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Well my wife and I celebrated our first year of marriage together and also our first month of seeing our net worth actually decrease.  It was really no fault of our own however as most of the decrease is primarily due to the drop in the stock market.  Our net worth is still up 68% since we first got married which is really amazing when you think about it.  I do not expect it to grow at that fast of a pace simply due to the fact we are now down to primarily one income.

Cash– Cash dropped mostly due to our vacation in San Diego in the middle of the month.  It was good to report that we actually came up under budget on our trip and still had a blast! We still have $10,000 as an emergency fund and the rest is set aside to cover the possible replacement of our cars and my wife’s college tuition in June.

Employee Stock Purchase Program– Nothing new to report here, as another $1,667 was taken out of my paycheck and will be used to buy company stock at the end of the quarter which is June 30th.

House-I have recently tried some of the online home evaluators and got a wide range of values. The average was around the $95,000 and I will be using the amount for a while.

Retirement-Got hit by the stock market drop in May.  We are still holding steady by contributing 15% of our pay each month into our 401(K) and IRA.  The stock market swings are enough to give anyone an ulcer.  Good thing we are in it for the long haul.

Pension-Same contribution as last month. This amount should stay steady until October or November of this year.

Mortgage-This amount represent about an extra $150 that we are applying to our principal each month.  Right now on our pace it is going to take us approximately 9 years and 3 months.  Our goal is pay it off sooner than that however.

You can see past net worth updates at the net worth history page.

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