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March 4, 2010

Thank you!

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Recently while doing some administrative work for the blog, I noticed that The Balanced Spreadsheet statistically is off to a really good start in 2010!  January saw the best month ever in terms of blog views with a 162% increase over December.  This was then followed up by an even better February was a 58% increase in sites views over January!  All I have to say is Thank You very much.  It has been a blast doing this blog for the past 9 months.  I have enjoyed deeply posting news reviews, examples with spreadsheets, and monthly net worth updates as well as series of posts like “The Financial how to . . .” and “My experience in . . .”

There are two ways to help. First is by sending feedback either in the comment section or by emailing me at white.833ATosuDOTedu. Comments on whether you like the content or not, something I need to do more or less of, or simply want me to do a financial post on a topic are all welcome.  Feedback gives me a chance to find out what my readers think and want.  Second, if you have not already and want to receive the blog via email please enter your email in the tab on the right side of the blog, or if you want to share with Facebook, twitter, or any other social media feel free using the addthis tool bar on the right side of this blog.

Thanks again to all my readers, a lot of good stuff is planned for the spring to keep coming back for updates and new posts.  I greatly appreciate all of you and remember you are the reason I write this blog.

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