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May 13, 2010

How Rich are You?

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Have you ever wondered who truly rich you are?  Well you can now find out at The Global Rich List website.  If you make the median American household income of $52,000 a year, that will place you in the top 1% of all world money makers.  If you make half that ($26,000) you are still in the top 10%!

This is a good reminder for us because I think sometimes as Americans we can forget how truly wealthy we are compared to the rest of the world.  Poke’s (The group who created the web site) main goal is to help people understand where they stand globally in addition to encourage charitable giving.  I am all for charitable giving so it was nice to see them promote that as well.  At least take a look around and see where you stand globally, it at least makes you think a little.


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