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May 1, 2010

April ’10 Net Worth Update (+2.17%)

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April saw another nice increase in our net worth. It might be a little slow going this summer though as my wife is leaving her job and going back to school. That will definitely slow down the cash flow for the time being but we have the cushion to get through it.

Cash– The quarterly sale of stock in the employee stock purchase program was the main reason for the increase. Cash will be taking a little hit the next few months as we have our anniversary trip to San Diego in May, my wife’s college tuition in June, and the funding on my financial coaching business. We still have $10,000 as an emergency fund and the rest is set aside the expenses mentioned above.

Employee Stock Purchase Program– As previously noted our ESPP account was depleted to buy stock on March 31st. That stock was sold in the beginning of April and put into our cash reserves. The April amount equals one month’s pay that will be used to buy stock at the end of the fourth quarter.

House-I have recently tried some of the online home evaluators and got a wide range of values. The average was around the $95,000 and I will be using the amount for a while.

Retirement-Big increase in retirement accounts for the month of April. We are currently making contributions into our 401(K) and ROTH IRA accounts. As noted before, the stock market had a great first quarter and those gains extended into April.

Pension-Same contribution as last month. This amount should stay steady until October or November of this year.

Mortgage-As mentioned above, with my wife quitting her job and going to college we are down to one income so no more triple mortgage payments. After seeing the principal reduce by $1,800 each month for the past few weeks, it looks different to only pay down ~$475. For now we are just paying $200 extra a month but are looking into ways to pay down more.

You can see past net worth updates at the net worth history page.


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