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March 1, 2010

February ’10 Net Worth Update (+6.32%)

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February turned out to be the best net worth month since September.  Another good month in March and we might even cross over the $100,000 mark!

Cash-Usually cash decreases a lot more but was offset by my 2009 bonus I received from my employer.  The bonus has pretty much been spent on our anniversary trip in May except for around $1,000.

Employee Stock Purchase Program– Nothing new to report here, as another $1,667 was taken out of my paycheck and will be used to buy company stock at the end of the quarter which is March 31st.

House-I have recently tried some of the online home evaluators and got a wide range of values. The average was around the $95,000 and I will be using the amount for a while.

Retirement-The market rebounded some from its January decline.  Over half of the increase is due to about $1,100 contributed into our 401(K) and ROTH IRA accounts.  Starting in 2010 my company began offering a ROTH 401(K) feature which I started to participate in.

Pension-Increased more than normal due to the bonus paid as well as interest for 2009’s balance being credited to my account.  Next month the increase should go back to its regular $172.76.

Mortgage-Another triple mortgage payment reduces the principal by ~$1,800!  We are trying to pay down the mortgage as quickly as we can and it is really cool to see the principle reduced by big chunks every month.  I have added a sidebar on the right side of the blog that has a graph that charts our progress as well as a goal sheet that shows how much time we have left.  At our current pace we will pay the mortgage off in 3 years and 3 months.

You can see past net worth updates at the net worth history page.


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