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February 24, 2010

Standard Deduction Spreadsheet

The other day I realized that even though the name of this blog is The Balanced Spreadsheet, I have not actually posted any of my spreadsheets that I have developed.  With the deadline for filing your 2009 Federal income taxes being less than 2 months away I thought I would share a spreadsheet that helps calculate your taxes for those who take the standard deduction.

To access the spreadsheet simply click on the link below, then in the browser click on download in the top left corner and then you will have the option to save or open the spreadsheet.  It contains three tabs for each filing status:  single, married, and head of household.  Simply fill in your dependents, W-2’s, interest income, and other information in the yellow cells and your total tax will be shown in cell F12.

Standard Deduction Spreadsheet

Remember that this spreadsheet is not an official IRS spreadsheet so results could vary.  This is to be used simply as a guide.  I have checked this spreadsheet but that does not mean there are any errors, if you do find any please let me know.  It is greatly appreciated.

I hope to keep adding more spreadsheets here and there and will eventually put them all on one page.  So if you file your taxes with the standard deduction, please try it out and let me know what you think.


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