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January 2, 2010

December ’09 Net Worth Update (+4.67%)

Another good month to close out a great 2009. The most significant thing that occurred this month was the fact our net worth is now greater then our liabilities!

Net Worth Dec '09

Net Worth Dec '09

Cash-Dropped a little more the normal do to the Christmas season. Still a $13,000 increase since this time last year is always pleasant. The cash is made up of a $10,000 emergency fund while the rest is mostly in savings for a car/vacation.

Employee Stock Purchase Program– End of a quarter so the amount is maxed out at ~$5,000. Stock was bought at the close of business on Dec 31st and will be posted to my account in about a week. I’ll sell it soon after for a quick 11% profit.

House-I have recently tried some of the online home valuators and got a wide range of values. The average was around the $95,000 and I will be using the amount for a while.

Retirement-Another good month in the stock market as about half of the gain was due to appreciation while the other half was contributions. Starting in January, my company will be offering a ROTH 401(K) feature which I will be participating in. Overall our investments are up around or over 30% since the beginning of the year.

Pension-I passed the income threshold in November so that is the reason for the increase. From month to month you barely notice the $200 increase, but over time it is nice to see that build up.

Mortgage-Another triple mortgage payment reduces the principal by ~$1,775! I have discussed our decision to pay down the mortgage as quickly as we can before. It is really cool to see the principle reduced by big chunks every month. At our current rate, we will pay the mortgage off on July, 2013. We have decided against refinancing for now due to the breakeven point being 24 months. For 2009 we paid off over $21,000 in principal.

You can see past net worth updates at the net worth history page.


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