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December 1, 2009

November ’09 Net Worth Update (+4.23%)

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Net Worth Nov '09

Net Worth Nov '09

Cash-This took a bigger hit then what was expected primarily due to some unexpected financial emergencies this month.  We also had our semi annual car insurance payment due at the end of the month.  Thankfully we were able to weather the storm by good budgeting.  We pretty much have Christmas all budgeted so next month that will make things easier.

Employee Stock Purchase Program– Nothing new to report here, as another $1,667 was taken out of my paycheck and will be used to buy company stock at the end of the quarter which is December 31st.

House-A few condos have sold for more then the $95,000 that is on the balance sheet.  I think we have might have hit the bottom of the real estate market.  With that being said I am still leaving the condo valued at $95,000 for now.  I would rather be conservative then jumping the gun.

Retirement-After a flat October, the market rebounded some more.  About a third of our increase this month is due to new contributions, the rest was gains. Overall our investments are up around or over 30% since the beginning of the year.

Pension-I passed the income threshold in November so that is the reason for the increase.  From month to month you barely notice the $200 increase, but over time it is nice to see that build up.

Mortgage-Another triple mortgage payment reduces the principal by ~$1,750!  I have discussed our decision to pay down the mortgage as quickly as we can before. It is really cool to see the principle reduced by big chunks every month.  At our current rate, we will pay the mortgage off on July, 2013.  I have decided against refinancing for now due to the breakeven point being 24 months.  YTD we have almost paid off $20,000 in principal.

You can see past net worth updates at the net worth history page.



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