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November 13, 2009

Benefit Enrollment

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My 2010 health benefits enrollment period for my employer ends today at midnight.  It always brings some interesting conversations at work as co-workers are scrambling to figure out if their plans changed in either coverage or in price, and how theses changes affect them.  Thankfully, the only change to our benefits was a help to us as our high deductible on our Health Savings Account (HSA) plan dropped from $5,000 to $3,000!  That was pretty cool to find out that the maximum out of pocket expense we would be responsible for reduced by $2,000.  I personally love the HSA, and am planning a review of it soon.  We dropped our dental coverage down to cover just basic checkups as we do not plan of having any major dental work this year.

As always it is a good idea to check to see how your plans compared to any new ones your employer might add this year.  You might have had the same plan for years, but your current health might dictate a change in coverage.  It is also good to keep on ways to lower the cost of your premiums or get better coverage for the same amount.


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