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October 19, 2009

Employee Stock Purchase Program 3Q ’09

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The 3rd Quarter for my employer ended on September 30th. That means another stock purchase through my employer stock purchase program (ESPP). You can read a review of the process in my 2nd Quarter report.

3rd Quarter '09 ESPP

3rd Quarter '09 ESPP


I didn’t have as good of a quarter as I had hoped as the stock price decreased significantly on October 1st and 2nd. It rebounded a little and I sold at $13.64, which means I have a capital loss of $100.01 for the quarter. Still, a total gain of $455.65 or about 9.11% is nothing to complain about. I probably did sell prematurely however as the stock price is now about $13.91.

This is the last quarter that the ESPP gains will be on 2009 federal income taxes. December 31st will go on 2010’s taxes because that is when the stock will be sold. So it’s interesting to see what my YTD numbers are. For 2009 I will claim ordinary income of $2,222 ($555.67 x 4) and capital gains of $46.41 for a total of $2,268. Considering that I put the same $5,000 in every three months, my YTD ROI is 45.36%! Again, I am not getting rich off this but it still helps to have this money to pay off the mortgage sooner, investing in IRA’s, or just have for extra savings,



  1. […] Employee Stock Purchase Program-As previously noted, our ESPP account was depleted to buy stock on September 30th.  That stock was sold on October 9th and put into our cash reserves.  The October amount equals one month’s pay that will be used to buy stock at the end of the fourth quarter. […]

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  2. […] Employee Stock Purchase Program- Nothing new to report here, as another $1,667 was taken out of my paycheck and will be used to buy company stock at the end of the quarter which is December 31st. […]

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  3. […] Employee Stock Purchase Program- End of a quarter so the amount is maxed out at ~$5,000. Stock was bought at the close of business on Dec 31st and will be posted to my account in about a week. I’ll sell it soon after for a quick 11% profit. […]

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  4. […] like in the 3rd quarter, I had a slight capital gain loss but not as bad as last quarter.  If I had waited a few more days […]

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