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September 1, 2009

August ‘09 Net Worth update (+6.96%)

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Another net worth monthly update.  We had another good month, mostly due to an increase in retirement accounts as well as a triple mortgage payment.

August '09 Net worth

August '09 Net worth

Cash-Cash decreased slightly.  This is mostly due to contributions to my Employee stock purchase program (ESPP) as well as paying an additional $1,450 on the mortgage.  Currently we have a nice cushion but some of that is going towards a trip and possible IRA funding down the road.  

ESPP-Nothing new to report here, as another $1,667 was taken out of my paycheck and will be used to buy company stock at the end of the quarter which is September 30th.

House-Good news!  Two condos sold in our complex this month.  Both sold for more then the $95,000 I have on our balance sheet.  I think we have hit the bottom of the real estate market.  With that being said I am still leaving the condo valued at $95,000 for now.  I would rather be conservative then jumping the gun.

Retirement-Nice to see our retirement accounts rebound.  Most of that is growth as I did not contribute any more to my employers 401(K) then I normally do.  Starting in September, instead of contributing 9% of my paycheck to the company 401(K), I am only contributing 6% which is the company match.  The extra 3% will now be going to my ROTH IRA. The wife and I did each open up a ROTH IRA for 2009.  We only contributed $250 each, but will contribute more before the year is up.

Pension-Same contribution as last month.  This amount should stay steady until November or December.

Mortgage-A reduction of approx ~ $1,750!  I discussed in a post our decision to pay down the mortgage pretty as quick as we can. It is really cool to see the principle reduced by big chunks every month.  At our current rate, we will pay the mortgage off on July, 2013.


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