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July 29, 2009

Savers marrying Spenders is a bad thing?

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I came across this article yesterday about Savers and Spenders marrying each other.  It is an interesting short read, but this one quote in particular got me thinking:

“The disconnect between what people say they look for in an ideal mate and the characteristics of actual mates to whom they are attracted is unfortunate,” Rick, Small and Finkel wrote, as the different spending habits often result in greater financial conflict in marriage.

While I do believe that many marriages are struggling due to financial conflict, am I the only one who thinks Savers and Spenders marrying each is a good thing?  I mean if two tightwads marry each other, when do they have any fun?  If you have two spenders in the house how are they supposed to build wealth?  Working together as a team forces the saver to spend a little and the spender to rein it in a little.  Maybe it’s just me, but I just do not see this as a horrible thing.


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